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            Company Profile

            The Galaxy Magnets was established In July 1993, specializing in the research, development and production of Bonded NdFeB Magnet as well as Samarium-Cobalt Magnet. It is the biggest manufacturer of bonded NdFeB magnets in the world and the company was listed on GEM, Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market in Oct.2010.

            Over 90% of our bonded NdFeB magnets are sold to developed countries and areas, such as Japan, Korea, Europe, America and Taiwan, etc. Our main clients are many international famous brand companies, including Nidec, Samsung, Sony, Mitsumi, LG, Minebea, Delta, Johnson Electric, etc., and many domestic famous brand enterprises, such as Danyo, Leili, Xiangming ,Weizhen and so on. For many times, our company is highly praised as 'Excellent Supplier' by Nidec, ATC, LG and Leili, etc.

            Bonded NdFeB Magnets are mainly applied to sorts of mini-sized and special motors, such as spindle motor (HDD, CD-ROM and DVD), stepping motor, synchronous motor, DC motor and brushless motor, etc.

            Samarium-cobalt magnet has superior magnetic properties of high magnetic energy product,high coercivity, high remanence , and with low temperature coefficient as low as minus 0.030%/℃, and high working temperature up to 550 ℃ . Temperature stability and chemical stability far surpass NdFeB material .Moreover; it can work for long in the harsh condition of high temperature, high humidity, strong demagnetization and nuclear radiation without surface treatment. Samarium-cobalt magnet (SmCo5,Sm2Co17) is widely used in aviation, aerospace, military electronics, automobile, sensor, petrochemical industry, magnetic transmission and other fields.